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I love to eat Ramon Noodles, but my baby obviously does'nt enjoy them as much as me. I vomit everytime I consume them but is it OK that I eat them anyway?

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My first did this to me with sweet tea and with hershey kisses!  UGH.  I think if you are ok with throwing up something you enjoy so much then more power to you.  This pregnancy it's cheesecake, and i will admit sometimes i splurge anyway knowing that i may be hovering over the toilet later that day.  However, be warned that Ramon noodles have a TON TON TON of sodium in them which as your pregnancy progresses may not help with swelling, water retention etc. 
yea this is my first baby and i cant eat almost anything without throwing it up
same thing for me - frozen waffles. i want them but i know i'll be in the ladies room at work (or by the side of the road or wherever) throwing up later. Momof2boys has a good point about the sodium though, be careful. maybe get the low sodium ones or use only 1/2 the seasoning pack? ;) hang in there, all you awesome moms and pregnant ladies out there who are still puking.
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