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I need a dr's advise.

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I'm on the bc pil kariva and have totally missed my period. My np says since my pregnancy test was negative, continue taking my bc pills and retest in 2 wks. I'm scared I'm doing harm. can you help me figure out when My test could be positive. my periods have been normal for the last 4 yrs on Kariva. Never a problem like this. i was on a lot of antibiotics last month due to a bladder infection and didn't use back-up protection. I've been married to the same man for 14 yrs, so it'd be a pleasant surpeise. I just need to know if the bc pills will do harm if i am?

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Does your local hospital have an Ask-a-Nurse line? I used one a ton when I had access (have moved). They were always very helpful to me.Good luck getting answers :)

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