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I need help!!!!!!

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OK, my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months now and still no luck. Do you guys know of any tips on to help us? Different tricks to help the fact that every time he finnishes all of his sperm comes right back out of me???? I really need hellppppp!! We desperatly want a baby and dont know what to do... thank you.

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Well just so you know, the sperm doesnt leak out completely. His little swimmers are actually migrating North in your vagina, the excess leaking is just what remains. Meaning there is an entire soccer league wanting to make that goal, but only one will kick it in and make the score! LOL. Keep trying and just stay positive. It took me an entire year to conceive! Grape seed oil is said to enhance the chance! Look it up, and good luck to you both!
There are no real techniques or ways to do it.  But after he has released his sperm raise your buttocks and legs up into the air for 5 minutes. This has worked for me. 
this may sound really stupid but it worked for me and several of my friends that wanted kids and tried everything else. take cough syrup when you are ovulating, it cuts down any mucus and gives a higher chance of getting pregnant. good luck and best wishes!!!
It took my husband and i 6 months to get pregnant.  Don't worry it will happen.  Just relax!  One of the biggest things you can do is not stress out about it.  I was getting frustrated and stressed out each month that i didnt get pregnant but then i realized stressing out is not helping me any and getting pregnant will happen when its meant to be.....and welll that was the month i got 34.5weeks.  Threre really arent any special techniques to getting pregnant.....but one thing i did was after sex i would put a couple pillows under my butt/hips with my legs in the air for at least 5 minutes.   I know it sounds rediculous but thats what i did.  I thought it wouldnt hurt to help out my husbands swimmers lol. Good luck!!
Make sure you're both healthy.  I did read somewhere once that after he finishes, to put a pillow under your butt, making sure that it doesn't leak out.  It makes sense, but like someone else says, just because SOME of the semen leaks out, it doesn't necessarily mean nothing got inside!
thank you "smiles45"you realy helped!and thank you too all of you!!! 

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