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I NEED help with potty training my 3yr old girl!! HELP ME!!!

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I will except ANY HELP that you wanna recommend or have heard of. She is my only child & with this economy I cannot afford diapers anymore! I really wanna get this over with, but she just will not go in her little potty seat or the one that goes onto the real toilet either... She tells me when she needs or wants a new diaper & we went to the store & she picked out her own package of "big girl" underwear, but still no go! HELP ME PLEASE!!

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Try taking her with you to the bath room, my mom did that with me. It seemed to work, try that, my aunt also used to give her sons 25cents for peeing and 50cents for "number 2". Let her spend it. Hope it helps. :)
Try singing a song, make up a song about pottying. :)
im a nanny and all we did was put her in the panties and made her go to the potty every 15, 30 mins... She couldnt stand having wet clothes on when she went in her pants. It did take a while and we still use them for nap time but thats it.. Now she has had no accidents in months =)
We had the same problem with my stepson. Even after we put him in big boy underwear, he didn't seem to mind being dirty. He didn't mind peeing, it was "number 2" that was the whole problem. It's sucks to say, but it's just going to click one day. Offer prizes when she does go. They have a lot of good DVD's available at your local library she'll probably love. Try the Elmo potty training one.
My son knew when he had to go and would want a new clean diaper right after he went. We bought the big boys undies and did the prizes, read books had potty sticker...we did it ALL but he had no interest.  I knew that he understood when he had to go and that I was not going to have him in diapers forever so this sounds mean but it worked after 2 days!  I put him in undies and told him to go on the potty and if he didn't and just wet himself I would change him and put him in time out.  The first day he sat in time out about 3 times and realized it wasn;t a game and he had to use the potty.  The second day he only sat in time out once because he realized nothing was going to change.  After that he used the potty everytime.  At the end of the week we did take him to toys r us and let him pick out a new toy for all his hard work.  Of course he has had about 2 accidents in the last 6 months and now I don;t make him sit in time out because they truly are accidents not him just being stubborn!
We had both of our boys potty trained when they were between 15 and 18 months old.  I did the same thing with both of them.  I put undies underneath their pullups.  Today's diapers and pullies are designed to keep them dry and the cool alerts did nothing for them.  The undies underneath helps them stay wet, which they hated and kept the poops close to their bodies which they also hated.  They were begging to run to the potty.  Also, set a timer, your kitchen timer, an egg timer it doesn't matter and whether they have to go or not make them sit on the potty every time.  Tell her it's potty practice time.  I used tootsie rolls (the tiny ones) or suckers as a reward for going - poop or pee.  Then after a week or so they got the reward for only pooping.  Then no rewards because they were experts. 
Oh and make a huge deal out of it.  Whoo hoo, clap, dance around, make up silly songs about how proud you are of her.  Then get her involved and let her dance and clap so she can be proud of herself too.  I think I always did something silly like pee-pee in the pot-ty..pee-pee in the pot-ty.  They thought it was so funny!  :)
see if this helps

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