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I need some advice, i'm really nervous.

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I'm 15, and I know people don't like the fact the teens our age get pregnant. But you have to take responsibility for it. And thats what i'm going to do, i'm a little nervous about raising a kid at my age, I was hopeing to have a kid when I have my own house, so I wouldn't ahve to rely on my family for help and money and things now, thats my biggest concern i'm scared to bother my mom about things for the baby shes having enough stress; and she's taken care of me and spent enough money on me, and I'd hate to have her help me out with a baby ;( I feel bad. I do have a boyfriend, for a year, well going on a year soon. But we do fight, but I know he loves me and we're good, i'm just really scared i'm going to have to do this on my own, that he might leave, but he wants to be a dad and says hes there with me all the way. I'm happy, but I have to keep my eyes open. I'm scared to deliever a babby, and I know they're places to go for help but I think my emotions just get the best of me with this situation. I'm really scared and nervous, and i'm looking for as much help as possible, i'm not worried bout being a mom, I think I could do it I love babys. But i'm scared i'm not going to be able to get a car or a good job, a good enough house for us, even though i'm 15 this is all bothering me ;( I would really like some help, it would mean a lot to me, and i'm all ears thankyou.

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I know exactly how u feel i just turned 21yrs n i already just had my 2nd baby. I worry bout how im gonna get stuff for my baby but things always seem to work out. Having a baby shower helps u out with alot of important things your gonna need. And also depending where u live i know a place called the Esperanza womens center that help u with furniture , clothes , shoes , diapers , n pretty much everything u n your baby will need while pregnant n after. All u gotta do is attend their classes threw out the week n earn points n u can shop in their baby store. I would start now cuz its good to start stocking up on everything before their born that way your prepared. Their classes are also helpful cuz their classes are  about u n your baby. You will love it. 1 more thing make sure u stock up on lots of diapers n clothes from sizes 0-12months cuz they grow fast n they get dirty real easy. Diapers get expensive n they go threw them so fast. Good luck n hope this helps. Any questions u can hit me up on here.
Listen babe! You are very young and it is normal for you to be scared. I am 27 and I have two kids and I am pregnant with my third and I am scared as well! Another thing is you will always rely on your mother I still do and I am here to tell you that if it wasnt for her I would not have known what to do. About the boyfriend.....I think it would be best if you and him both got into some pregnancy councling they do have places for free!It does take guys longer for the fact that they are going to be dads to sink in.(and im not saying thats a bad thing) But you can bet your bottom he is just as scared as you are! Your right you are really young and this baby is your responsibility as well as your "friends". It is going to be hard whether you are 15 or 25 or so on. It is a full time job but you will love it! The main thing you need to worry about (besided the baby) is finishing school and that kinda depends on how good of a JOB you will get.
It's hard, but not impossible. I know it seems very daunting and overwhelming, but I think the trick is to take it one day at a time. Pick one thing you want to get accomplished and focus on that until you reach your goal. Then you can move on to the next thing. If you're comfortable talking with your mom, or maybe an older sibling, or anyone older....just to get a good perspective on what their priorities are so you can get a good idea of what you should be focusing of first. The younger you are the harder it is to see what really will end up being important in the end. But you will grow up very fast with a little one on the way. Just remember to stay focused and never lose sight of the fact that whatever decisions you make need to be in the best interest of your child. Good luck :
All these really helped a lot ;) thank you so much, its good to know people care. One other thing? Is having a baby scarey? Like the birth part, thats like a huge fear for me. I'm worried my body wont be able to withstand it and i'm might die, ha uhm as weird as that sounds but its something called and anerisim? or something when theres to much stress on the mother while giving birth, i'm really afraid. & I was just crying and everything bout the boyfriend, thing I keep thinking im going to be alone, but as soon as I was thinking bout it, he called me and made it so much bettter (; i'll talk to him bout taking those classes together, & oh another tihng the only people that know , are well people that read this, my mom, and my boyfriend, im to nervous to tell my brothers. &school, I'm not going t dropout, the hard part is dealing with bullshit from kids at schools, like ugh. Thats the only part im dredding. But thank you guys so much for the advice (; & maybe if I have a hard time looking for places to go, yous can help me with that, and illl go (; thankyou again.
I also know what you're going through I was 17 when I got pregnant with my first child and I was still in high school.  I had to strugle to get my high school diploma and I'm still struggling.  I am going on my second child at only 21 years old but the strugle is well worth it.  Every time I hear my little girl run up to me and say mommy I love you and I look into her little brown eyes I know that every thing will be okay and that I am a good mom.  The best advice that I can give you is to look for help in your local community there is plenty of help for young girls like the both of us and stick to school it will be good for you and your child.
I know the feeling i was 15 when pregnant and turn 16 when i had my son my boyfirend at that time was 18 , everthing was good between us till the end of my pregnancy he couldnt keep a job and was more focus on what i was doing , i was in high school and was determing to stay in school and was also working at a locaal pet store at the time that i had before i became pregnant i did have a small very small baby shower most prople wasnt happy to go to a shower of a 16 year old i guess but what little i got help with the little money i made i did layways at the local kmart boy did that help, but 3 weeks after i had my son i made a hard decision not to be with my boyfriend no more i couldnt rely on him to keep a job he was more obsive with me then the baby so made a hard decision to end are relationship it kill me but after becoming a mother no matter at what age i wanted more for my son u never imagine how much u can love someone till u become a mother, he didnt bother much with the baby after that or care to pay child support but he also had a great family who was much support i never held my son from his family mostly my ex boyfriends mother and sister where great they help babysit so i could finish school and work never as a dime for doing it was so grateful they could be in my baby life even though his father didnt want to bother, i grew up fast and became determing to stand on my own i kept working after high school got a even better job and saved every penny i could even paying my mother rent when i turn 18 by the time i was 20 i had enough money saved to put a down payment and bought my own houyse on my own, take on day at a time make some goals for yourself and your child be a strong mother and also even if the father leaves and it turns out u cant count on him if his family lends a hand to help let them u might have more people out there that would help u then u think , my son father didnt become active in my sons life till he was 4 years old took him away to grow up but he did and became a better father , never give up , at 21 i meet my husband been together for 13 years married for 11 years we are on are 4th kid together he was a great step dad and a great help in raising my son, take a day at a time think of the positive things u want in your babys future and yours think of what is best for u to be a great mom, it seems hard thinking of it now but things will come together
I'M tell u 2 pray i was 15 when i got pregnant and 16 when i had my first son it was hard like anything else in life but it can b done i graduated highschool and worked while i was in highschool. try and find u a support system that helps alot
About having the baby... it is also scary but when you get in that room and you realize the bundle of joy you have waited for, for the past nine months is soon going to be here that fear will go away and you will concentrate on that baby! You dont need to let yourself get stressed over anything! its not good for you or the baby! I wish you the best of luck!OH yeah and while you are pregnant make sure you walk alot and dont just be a couch tater cause the more you move and are active the easier the labor part will me I was planting watermelons at 9 months pregnant weighing in at 210...(I gained 100 pounds with both of my babies and that is so not the goal for this one lol
Aww sweetie you will be ok. You have to find places in the community that will help you with the things that you will need for the baby. I have lived in 2 different cities with my pregnancies and both places they had places where i went and attended classes and got "coupons" that I could save for getting the baby things. Both places even had these coupons that my dr signed when I went to prenatal appointments and things and I then saved them and turned them in for the things that I needed. We were able to get the crib and the baby swing this way. Baby showers will help as well. I had a rather small shower with my daughter but got alot of clothes and diapers. These helped since I had gotten the big things from saving my coupons. I really think that there are always concerns when you are pregnant no matter what age you are. I am just now 22 and getting ready to have our second bby ad our first is only 13 months old! Things just seemed to work themselves out for us the first time around. My boyfriend had lost him job and nobody seemed to want to hire a pregnant lady so neither of us had a job. We lived with a couple we were friends with and saved for what we needed. Garage sales were also a God sent.. we were able to buy a play mat and other things that werent absolutly necessary but that we wanted for her this way. And for cheap. Just try to find places that offer help now so that you can start working twords those goals for you and your baby. Good luck sweetie, and try your best not to stress too much it isnt good for you or your baby. =)
Thankyou soooo much ! It means a lot. I have a long time before the baby is born, I'm only maybe atleast 3 months. But the freaking out part, is slowly going away. Thank you (;


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