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I need some advice, i'm really nervous.

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I'm 15, and I know people don't like the fact the teens our age get pregnant. But you have to take responsibility for it. And thats what i'm going to do, i'm a little nervous about raising a kid at my age, I was hopeing to have a kid when I have my own house, so I wouldn't ahve to rely on my family for help and money and things now, thats my biggest concern i'm scared to bother my mom about things for the baby shes having enough stress; and she's taken care of me and spent enough money on me, and I'd hate to have her help me out with a baby ;( I feel bad. I do have a boyfriend, for a year, well going on a year soon. But we do fight, but I know he loves me and we're good, i'm just really scared i'm going to have to do this on my own, that he might leave, but he wants to be a dad and says hes there with me all the way. I'm happy, but I have to keep my eyes open. I'm scared to deliever a babby, and I know they're places to go for help but I think my emotions just get the best of me with this situation. I'm really scared and nervous, and i'm looking for as much help as possible, i'm not worried bout being a mom, I think I could do it I love babys. But i'm scared i'm not going to be able to get a car or a good job, a good enough house for us, even though i'm 15 this is all bothering me ;( I would really like some help, it would mean a lot to me, and i'm all ears thankyou.

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i know how you feel your not alone i just turned 22 and im really nervous this is my first baby but me and my husband are ready and i think we will be good parents but this has helped me alot having other women to talk to about the things im going threw because they might be going threw the same thing anyways im 6 weeks i still have alot of time to get the baby stuff and all that which helps out because im really worried about the delivery so maybe ill have enough time to calm down before the delivery anyways good luck i hope your pregnancy goes well


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