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I never feel like eating, specially when i cook is this normal?

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im 11 wks and i just dnt have appetite, i eat because i have to and because my stomach rumbles, or because my head starts hurting, but i just eat cus i have to but i dnt feel hungry. specially when i cook no matter how good it looks i just cant seem to find any taste that makes me want to eat. is this pregnancy related this is my second and i have never felt this b-4?

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Again this is normal as well. I myself went through this at the beginning of my pregnancy.  I am on my 4th pregnancy.  It is on my 4th that I experienced this one.  I talked to my doctor about it.  She said to eat small meals or snacks.  She said that eventually this would go away and I would get my appetite back. Well a week later I got my appetite back.  So I wouldn't worry about it.  But keep eating even if not hungry.  Also I would tell my ob doctor about this and see what they tell you.
I feel like this too sometimes, so I have found orange juice to be a tasty snack with something really simple and not too much flavor, like a salad, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I buy the bread that has a lot of protien so even if its just a slice of toast there's at least 6grams of protien.
I am about 14 weeks pregnant and have the same issue.  I don't have nausea or anything, just no appetite.  Especially for stuff like salads and veggies which I always used to love.  I just try to make sure I am getting enough calories by eating small snacks frequently.  Fruit juice smoothies with yogurt seem to do the trick for me for getting nutritional value with protein.
I was thinking about your question earlier and the problem I'm facing now... trying to wean myself off of food now, when I didn't want to eat much while pregnant!I'm not a breakfast person, but when I'm pregnant, it's the only thing to keep me from feeling sick or fainting.  I used to drink a Slim-Fast until I worked up enough of a [sometimes small] appetite later on.  No, the whole Slim-Fast diet isn't designed for pregnancy, but it's nutritious enough to get you by for a few hours, just like a smoothie or protein shake. 
I wouldn't advise drinking slim fast at all.  If you want to do something with protein and vitamins in it try a boost shake or something that isn't designed for a person on a diet. They have a lot of those nutritious shakes out there.  Slim fast also has a diet drug in it by the way.
So since you're hot on my tail to call me out on several posts katteberry, WHAT diet drug is in Slim-Fast? Have you ever researched the product itself?  I had to do a project on the product for a nutrition class and didn't come across any 'diet drug' as an ingredient.  It WILL NOT 'MAKE' you lose weight unless you do in fact replace two meals a day with a shake, have a skinny dinner, and incorporate excersise into your daily routine.  If you use the shake as a snack, it's the same thing as a protein shake between meals, which is what I'm trying to get across to this woman.It's a low- calorie protein shake that's milk- based.  It's a meal replacement in liquid form to wean people away from stuffing their face with so many high and empty calorie foods, which in turn can make you lose weight.  The same would happen if you just switched to fruit smoothies or nothing but salads- it's a temporary 'diet' plan, and not something meant for long- term eating habits. Slim-Fast shakes have 200 calories and are just like popping a multi-vitamin- it's the same format hospitals use when patients can't eat solid foods.  The difference between that and a Boost shake is that the Slim-Fast tastes better.

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