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i should be having my baby any day now i need help with names

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its a girl the first name is deffinetly gonna be *moo* so which one do you like better for the middle name ,salmon,asparagus,periwinkle,lavender,

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why in the hocasmofagalisim would you want your babys middle name to be asparagus
definitely lavender
I like periwinkle and lavender they are also both really pretty colors which means that she'll have a beautiful name to go with her own beauty
are u serious about these names?
yes im serious about these names i think there pretty
I think you have very unique taste in names. Out of the ones you mentioned I like lavender the best.
Honestly, I'm not really a fan of any of them.  I try to picture my children as adults.  What kind of name would a bank executive, a pro tennis player, a secretary answering the phones have.  Would they want to answer the phone "Hi, This is Moo Salmon how can I help you" "And Moo Periwinkle returns the serve."  I wanted a name my children could be proud of and something that had meaning to our family.  Maybe Moo Asparagus is that for you, but.....think of the long term.  Good luck and it's your baby so it won't matter what we think anyway.  :)
well i love the name moo asparagus and moo salmon i think they are both beutiful names
Your child is going to be made fun of in school. I would not pick those names if I were you.  Maybe you could use Moo for a nickname. I agree that you need to think of the long term affect the name will be on the child as a teenager & as an adult. Good Luck!!!


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