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i should be having my baby any day now i need help with names

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its a girl the first name is deffinetly gonna be *moo* so which one do you like better for the middle name ,salmon,asparagus,periwinkle,lavender,

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I thought of one more thing yesterday, girls and women alike all have issues with body image now as it is.  I don't imagine that to get any better any time soon.  Calling a little girl Moo is going to set her up for ridicule from boys and girls alike.  She more than others may have extreme body image issues steming from being referenced or referred to as a cow...moooooo.   You can say that you will give your little girl the strength and courage to stand up for her name, but you can't control her personality and her personality is going to dictate who she is and how she deals with situtations.  That's why some children are shy, while others in the same family are outgoing, why some are athletic and some don't care for sports.  It's nature and nurture!  I would suggest, and again it's only something to think about, using Moo as a nickname in the family.  Good luck!
we have decided to name her addison marie
yeah i agree shes gonna have alot of issues when it comes to self esteam
oh forget about that first one
i decided to name her molly sophia
Great job cutemomma!!!  I think it's a great choice!!!
& cutieeee you have chosen a beautiful name too!!!  :)
I can't understand where some people come up with these names! The poor child has to live with their name all their lives! They will be teased, and made fun of which will either make them hateful, or have a very low self esteem. Why would they want to do that to someone they love?  


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