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I sometimes have Blood in my vomit...

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I am currently 6months pregnant, and recently when I vomit every now and then there has been small amounts of blood in it. I usually only vomit once a week and it is usually in the morning so I thought it might have been where I didn't have anything on my stomach and I was straining to vomit causing the blood, but it is starting to concern me.

answers (3)

Vomiting once a week doesn't sound like morning sickness. And the fact that you started vomiting blood is concerning. It is possible that the blood is sinus related but I would be seen by your doctor asap! Make sure your healthy and your baby are healthy.
See your doctor and tell them your concerns.  I don't think you have anything to worry about though.  If you are straining when you throw up then you are just burst small blood vessels in your throat.  Also if you have a cold it could be your sinuses.  Also if you have teeth problems it could just be one of them bleeding from the straining of you throwing up.  But yes see your doctor and tell then your concerns because they know more than any body.
i am 5.5 months and still vomit about 3 times a week or so - and dr said it still counts as "morning sickness" *(STUPID NAME) or NVP. I often have blood when i blow my nose, so i assume the blood just runs back in my throat sometimes like post nasal drip, and then comes out in puke. So lovely, sorry to be gross! but if it's just a small amt i wouldn't worry too much.

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