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I still have no idea what to name my baby boy

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i'm almost in my third trimester, and it's getting really frustrating. i don't want to end up in the delivery room without a name or two picked out, because i'd be afraid that i'd name him something weird that would get him made fun of. I like a few names like wyatt, sage, sebastian, landon, noah, or something else. I want it to be heard of, but not very common.....

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oooo i like wyatt a lot! man wish i thought of that lol... I also liked your landon michael name as well
i like noah
I like noah... I also like Wyatt but we have a little cousin named that so personally I wouldnt use that one.. sage seems more feminine to me as well.. dont worry so much about what other people will think about the name just name him what you like best =)
This is my favorite site.  I recommend it to everyone with name questions.  It's pretty fun, try it out using your last name only, or first and last name that you like or middle and last name that you comes up with names that fit with your last name and some are pretty good names that aren't common, but not strange either.  :)I have a 2nd cousin named Zachary Wyatt after my 1st cousin Matthew Wyatt.  What about Bryson Wyatt?
I like using some of the older names bc they are common but no one uses them anymore. The names you have picked out are cute! I like Wyatt!!
i like landon and noah the best..very cute..just have atleast two picked out an when u see the baby u will know what to name him
I know of 2 couples recently who have named their boy Landon.  although I like it - it is becoming more common.So is Judah (if you even consirdered that one)My son's name is Malachi.  If this one is a boy it might be named either Ezra or Jeremiah.

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