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I think taking prenatal vitamins are making me feel awful could i get away with taking a multi vitamin instead??

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I'm going to try the prenatal again tonight and see how i feel,but if it makes me feel bad i was thinking of taking a multi vitamin instead.

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There are a couple things you could try first. Take your prenatal right before you go to bed--that's what I do otherwise they make me sick.  Also, try taking it with a meal or big glass of juice (not milk because that affects how your body absorbs the vitamins) and you could try switching the brand you take.  I found the One A Day brand works well for me.  I do remember taking flinstone gummy vitamins when I was pg with my first because I was very sick so it might not be a big deal to take the multivitamin.  Either way it is always a safe bet to go ahead and call the doctor and ask before you switch! Congrats and I hope all goes well for you and the little one!!
With both pregnancies, I was given perscription-strength prenatals.  The doctor, pharmacist, and the label on the bottle said to take it with a full meal so that you won't get sick... well, I found out the hard way!  I normally take mine with my dinner, and never know the difference.  If you take any kind of pills, it's best to take them WITH food, because they're absorbed by the body quicker and easier.  Prenatals are the first recommended because they have the extra iron and folic acid needed to help keep certain things like spina bifida away from your growing baby.
You shouldn't take a multi vitamin.  Yes it has almost all the same stuff as a prenatal except that the prenatal has more folic acid in it.  Plus everyone is right you should take it with food or juice because they will make your stomach upset.  But again if you don't eat something before taking a multi vitamin you will still get an upset stomach.  Talk to your doctor about this and maybe they will have something you can take that may help with the stomach upset.
Maybe try another brand of prenatal?  I use Twin Lab brand and it doesn't seem to bother me. It also doesn't turn my urine fluorescent yellow like the multi vitamin I used to take did!
talk to your doctor about it. i have the same problem with every pregnancy and they end up having to take me off them and putting me on high levels of folic acid, iron and b6
With my first and second I was told by my doctor that I could take the flinstones chewables with Iron in them. They made me feel so much better and I had an easier time remebering to take them. But you should talk to your doctor first before changing.
My doctor told me that if I got sick from taking the prenatal vitamins to take the flinstone vitamins instead.

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