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I thought I'd have weird food cravings, but instead foods I used to like turn me off completely now. Is that normal?

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Ugh. I am experiencing that too! Foods I loved now make me sooo nauseous. I'm guessing its normal...
Relax, both of you. Food aversions are totally normal. I can especially understand this if you used to love salty, greasy, or spicy foods. Not many women in the first trimester can fry themselves up a salty, spicy, greasy treat and wolf it down, no matter how much they used to love it. But even "healthy, bland" foods may turn your appetite off suddenly during pregnancy. It's completely normal.
So normal, i am a self proclaimed chocoholic. eat chocolate everyday sometimes several times a day (for the last 20 years).  I am not even remotely interested in chocolate anything even if it is sitting in front of me. 
This is completely normal. I am in my 24th week and I have alot of things that I used to love to eat and now I can hardly look at it with out wanting to vomit. In the beging it was grilled cheese. Now I still can't eat them and other foods have joined such as ground beef, which means no hamburgers or spagetti, and my favorite thing was CHOCOLATE.

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