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i took 5 home pregnacy tests and they all were negitive but i think i took them all 2 early can i still be pregnant?

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Yes, if you took them to early and your body doesn't have enough hcg for the tests to read.
Yes, it could be too early. I took a blood test as well as over a dozen pregnancy tests.... The pregnancy test didn't become positive until this morning... I am now 7 weeks post conception(9 weeks preggo)
although they advertise that they can predict prgnancy before your missed period most at home pregnancy test are not strong enough to detect the pregnancy until the week of or after your period .
I took multiple test too and they were all negative I am now 11 weeks pregnant. None of the test are 100% accurate
Yes you can. I took a test at the hospital and it was negative, then took a test 10 days later and it was positive.
Absolutely. Even the test the doctor gave me was neg. But I knew and sure enough, I was pregnant.

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