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I tried to check my cervix. But my vagina feels swollen. Baby has dropped. But, why can't I get my finger in?

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I am 34wks pregnant. I went into early labor with my 1st at 28wks and then had her at 37wks. Here lately I have been having a lot of loose BM and a lot of cramping (they're braxton hicks, I believe, but they start high in my belly and move lower and kind of dull off, and then comes back sharp and moves to my back) I have discussed this with my doctor and they do not seem concerned? (naval hosp) SO I am taking matters into my own hands. I have been checking my cervix about 1 every 2 weeks. I got really sick all yester day and had those BH contractions all day and night. I was told to walk and they would go away, but it made the pain worse and I got diarrhea. I called my doc at midnight, they told me to take imodium and go to bed. So, I did. But, this morning I woke up and my belly and back both have dull aches. I just don't feel right. So, I tried checking my cervix, and I couldn't even get in past my 1st knuckle. It just feels really tight and swollen? I don't know if it is because my baby has dropped, which he has- doc told me at my last appt, and I noticed today my stomach is a lot lower and tight. Why is it so tight? Should I be worried or go in to L&D? I have a scheduled c-section for july 19th. Any advice would be wonderful.

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I am 33 years old and my due date is at the end of June,I've got Braxton H.contractions every day,but on CTG it showed nothing,so I am worried as well.MU BABY is down-headed too,my doctor has proposed me an appointment where they will provoke me by giving me infusion and that is this week.I am so worried.       
I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and experiencing the same things. I was told it was just your body getting ready for labor. I wouldn't be concerned until you have your bloody show or mucous plug. Also, my doctor said DO NOT try to check your own cervix because it can be damaging and you can get an infection.  I;m sure it is just your body getting ready for labor so just rest, drink lots of fluids and wait for the big day. 
Well, I am in pre-term labor as we speak.... 2cm dilated 50% effaced. They told me as long as I make it to sunday (I'll be 35wks) that my baby will not have transfer to a bigger hosp and NICU. I lost my plug 2days ago.. how long until it happens?? (doctor said days to 1week... is that true??!)

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