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i turned 30wks this past sat. and when i went to my doc.appointment on that thursday they said my baby was only 2pounds 10oz they didnt say

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anything was wrong with her everything else is great its just her weight and i was wondering has any other mothers been threw this before and if so what did you do to help your baby gain weight

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If your doc is the one who told you that's how much your baby weighs and they didn't voice a concern, you're more than likely okay.  You still have a couple of months to go, and that's more than enough time for both you and your baby to pack on the pounds- which, you both will.  Just like how you can't choose to 'lose weight in just your thighs' when you're not pregnant, you unfortunately can't send any weight straight to the baby.  It'll all get distributed the way it needs to.  I'm still very small at 38 weeks, and my first was 6 lbs. 11oz.... my doc said this next one shouldn't be very big, either.  Some women carry small, some carry big.  'Normal' sized babies range from about 6 pounds to even 9 pounds, and in the final weeks, most of that weight is gained [I think it's 1/2 an ounce or an ounce a day- and at that point, you're gaining a pound or two a week yourself!!]. 

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