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i want to breast feed but am scared that when it gets its teeth then ill be going to bottle...

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i just am thinking i won't be doing it right and then eventually the baby will get teeth and i really can't deal with sore boobs because the baby bit them.... i no they'll be sore no matter what but it's worse i heard when the baby gets teeth... i just need to know what to do

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I breastfed my 13 month old daughter from birth and we are just now working on weaning. She started getting ehr teeth but we never had an issue with the biting. Maybe I just got lucky idk.. The only reason that we are in the process of weaning now is because I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second child and the milk changes during pregnancy so my first is starting to wean. The bonding experience is unlike any other if you are breastfeeding. And you are the only one that can offer it to your child. So you always have that special time. The first few weeks are the hardest. Both of you getting adjusted to the breastfeeding and your breasts starting to make only the right amount that your infant needs. And if you start breastfeeding from the beginning you should be able to ask for help with a lactation consultant in the hospital. We had trouble with her latching on correctly at the beginning and I ended up with my nipples being sore.. there is a cream at walmart.. lansinoh brand something close to that spelling..sorry.. and it helped amazingly well.. once we got the latch down correctly though it didnt hurt. Really nursing never did hurt once she was doing it properly.. If you think its something you may want to do look into classes in your area that are offered. Our wic office and hospital offer free breastfeeding classes to educate mothers to be about the techniques and benefits of breastfeeding. That was how I had learned everything that I did before my daughter was born. I know I wrote alot but I hope it comes of help to you.. and if you have any further questions feel free to ask.. I would definitly recommend breastfeeding to anyone and cant wait to start the bonding over again with my son in december =)
my 5 month old got teeth at four months has bit me 4 tines scince and only does it when his gums hurt bad put orajel first if that happens then no probs hes been a wonderful baby to breast feed had it down scince he was born but he never get sick and the bonding is amazing i wouldn't changee it for anything in the world hope this helps
both of you actually helped me alot i am a first time mom so idk but i think i got an ideal.. and i want to breast feed been thinking about it alot... i feel much better doing it then having to mix formula... just hope i can breastfeed because some ppl can't but thanks alot if i have another question ill ask you both

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