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i want to jumpstart labor amalready 38 weeks and cant take it any more. LOL

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i know how you feel im a small woman so it killed me by this point...there are some things you can do to start spicy food or have sex alot of moms have said that works...good luck and congrats
I just looked up "ways to induce labor" & 1 site had over 15 ways. Some were funny like "horse back riding" & bouncing on an exercise ball but most I've heard of like eating pineapple to drinking castor oil! I haven't tried all except walking. It says they may work but only if your body is ready to start labor. I'm due 4-27 so I know how you feel. Good Luck!
do not push wanting to start labor, if the baby is ready it will come.  Walking and sex could help, take a bumpy ride in a truck but I would watch drinking anything cause it could harm the baby.  that is what is most important.  If he or she is ready let them come when they think it is time.  I went 41 weeks with my son and I was miserable but I let him come when he was ready. 
I'm a pretty impatient person - the type to want to open Christmas gifts before dinner or to get frustrated if I want something and have to wait.  With that said, your baby will decide when he or she is ready to be born.  Any sooner isn't good for him or her.  If you have a fruit tree in your yard it can be tempting to pick a piece and eat it before it's ripe because you've watched it grow and imagined how good it will taste but you'll only be disappointed when you bite into a bitter fruit.  Wait for that fruit to truly ripen and it will be the sweetest thing you've ever tasted.
when i was pregnant with my daughter i was 42wks before she finally decieded to come and i hated my life at that point lol, but i did what every mom would do and googled ways to induce labor at home and boom there was a million answers and i tried i think all of them lol from spicy foods, walking, castor oil <yuck!> anyways I walked like a mile or more everyday and drank castor oil everymoring with sunny d, i started all this at about 36wks and she still took her sweet time i really think that a baby will come when its time, i know it sucks, i am 32wks right now with my fourth child and this has been my worst pregnancy and i wish i could have him now but its not safe for him, this is where being unselfish starts doing whats best for your baby not what you want

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