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i want to know is it normal to feel like im gonna vomitt and get stomach pains when the baby is hungry and how long do that last during pregnacy

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i am 13 wks and at first it seemed like when i got hungry i had to eat right then and there or i felt like i was gonna vomitt and i got stomach pain like i was starving but for the last few days i havent felt that way

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i know exactly how you 18 almost 19 weeks and i still get that feeling sometimes it happens other times i feel like im going to die...i've heard that alot of people stop feeling like that after the fifth or six month but some people have said that it never goes away..i always carry crackers it helps the pain and the sick feeling alot...but crackers can be dry so dont forget some water!lol
omgosh! im 13 weeks and is having the same problem. if i dont eat i get sick and throw up. and sometimes i have to get up in the middle of the night just to eat. try alil peppermint tea :) it helps me
Try ginger tea

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