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I want to pick my best friend and her husband (who are normal people) as godparents.

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<p>My husband says his sister (not so normal) is his sister and everyone knows blood trumps water is the godparenting campaign. What do I do/say?&nbsp;</p>

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Well select them all, there is no rule saying you can only have one set of godparents.  Just because you name a person a godparent it gives them no leagal binding to raise your child if something should happen to you (I dont know if that was your concern) you have to name a gardian in a will.  For our first we have my husbands brother and his wife and my brother and his wife as godparents.  For the one soon to be here we will have my husband's other brother and my best friend and her husband
For my first I picked out my sister, her fiance, and mygirl cousin.  My choices were based on having good role models and someone to take care of her if something were to happen to me.  However I really don't think that it matters as long as you hve people who love your child to surround them.

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