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I want to use a creative idea....

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i want to use an creative idea to tell my mother the sex of the baby when i find out December 2 2010. for my dad im going to buy him a cigar that says either its a boy or its a girl. But i was trying to come up with a creative way to tell me mother. any ideas i up for anything i just want it to be something fun for her and me as well????

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well when my sister inlaw was pregnant when she told me she said whats in lay away for 9 months 
My family lives in Ny and i live in alaska so i am thinking if i have the patience when i find out of sending like a bracelet to my mom made of either pink or blue depending on the gender or i am not sure if they still do it but when my husband was in iraq i personalized m and ms for our anniversary and had i love you written on them and got to pick the color. so i was thinking maybe getting pink and white or blue and white and writing its a boy or its a girl on them and sending them to my family. Hope this helps :)
I like the m&m idea.  That's super cute!!  My brother in law got a pink frame for his mom and dad and put an ultrasound picture it in of their little girl.  They knew right away.  How about a t-shirt that says proud grandma in either pink or blue?  Or a sticker for her car in either pink or blue that says something like Proud Grandma.  We did that for my in laws when we found out it was a boy!  It was a little blue teddy bear that said proud nonna on it.  :)

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