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I was really into fitness before pregnancy. But will all the limitations now I'm lost. Does anyone have good pregnancy workouts?

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I've done the yoga and the water workouts but what about weight training ect. HELP! I crave a great workout routine while pregnant but I have no idea whats safe and okay.

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How far along are you?  I'm 36 weeks and stopped running two weeks ago- it just got too tough on my pelvis, and I'd hobble around the rest of the day.  Unless your doc says you have certain complications like high blood pressure, weight training at the gym should be fine.  I'm not a doctor, but you should clear it with him first.  I'm doing the same weight workouts as I was beforehand and it's getting a little tougher.  Even a set of 5 lb. dumbells should be okay... your arms will need the muscle for that baby carrier you'll be lugging around for months!!!  The biggest thing is: don't do anything that keeps you on your back or belly, and stop any ab workouts. 
I just turned 27 weeks. So you just continued your normal routines? I already get little back achey so I've stopped doing some of the back exercises I used to do. But for the most part keeping to the same routines I was minus abs. You had no complications with any workouts?
I am in love with Denise Austin's pregnancy workout video and kathy Smith's also.  They both include toning, aerobics, strength training, cool down, relaxation, abs.  Denise even breaks hers up into trimesters while kathy lets you costomize what you want to do from day to day.  The first 3 days of her video I only repeated one section, everything else was new.  Try them!  Also just walking is great exercise.
As long as you Dr. ok's in you should be able to continue at about the same level as before your pregnancy. As far as weight lifting, you should be able to maintain more or less the level you were at, just don't try to increase the weight now that you're pregnant and of course make sure your Dr. is on the same page.I got the OK to keep playing ice hockey for the 1st trimester and to continue weight training as long as it feels comfortable and I don't increase the weights or intensity during my pregnancy. She said contact/collision sports are OK during the 1st trimester and that the important thing at this point is not to over heat. I'm still bench pressing 135lbs, leg pressing 600+, etc. I'm just not going for any maxes lol. I'm only 9 weeks right now but it still feels fine and my Dr. approves.

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