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I was recently diagnosed with a small subchorionic hemorrhage has any one had this?

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I had a subchorionic hemmorage in my first trimester.  It caused spotting, and one major episode of bleeding (where I thought I lost the baby)  Ultrasounds proved otherwise, and the hemorrhage has corrected itself.  I tell the tech at ever ultrasound to look for any placental issues, and that i had a subchorionic hemorrhage, but they don't see anything at this point in time.  (My hemorrhage was at 12 weeks, I am currently 35 weeks, and baby is good)Hope this helped
thank u been so worried, i haven't had any bleeding so far. were u ever on bedrest? i am for now, as a precaution i guess. i have been worried about losing the baby. u make me feel a little better. thank u.
I was on bed rest for about 5 days (from the ER visit, to the next OB visit) and I was on pelvic rest (nothing entering the vagina) until about 18 weeks, which was the ultrasound that proved the placenta was fine.  I am still wierded out about the whole thing, but I have constantly been reassured by my doctor and every ultrasound I have had since then. (I have been having ultrasounds every 4 weeks since 12 weeks, first was for the placenta, then checking the baby, now, monitoring size of baby...she is gonna be a chunker!)Feel free to email me at if you have any other questions or concerns.

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