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I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for boy names?

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My husband and I are having trouble coming up with a boys name. I just wanted to know if any of you could suggest some names for us.

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I am currently pregnant with my second boy.  Some of the names we are considering are Luke, Chase, Ethan, and August.Hope this helps.  Good luck!
What about Jayden or Gavin, those are some of my Favorites!
Aiden, Braydon, Landon, Logan, Jayden...these are some of my favorite boy names...
well my favorite boy names are landon, jess, jude, samuel, joshua, toby, parker, datain, evain, mattie,
I'm thinking Kaiden, Ryden,Riley,
if you want something different my fiances name is johanes
Evan, Tyler, Shane, Patrick, Calvin, Joss and Joseph :)
We like Aidan, Brice or you can spell it Bryce, & Brenean
If I have a boy his name is going to be Swayze Dalton...
Personally my favorite boys name is Aiden although I got that one turned down by the boyfriend so if we have a boy his name will be Dominic.. good luck =)


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