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I was on YAZ and now am trying to conceive but no luck. i need a advice please.?

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i have a question and i wanted to see if anyone can help me? i been trying to conceive but no luck. i started taking birth control pill when i was 17 years old after 2 years i had to change the pills because it was throwing me off balance to much hormones. After i went to the Doc she started me on YAZ for 3 years, i been off the YAZ pills since last week of Feb. I got my period April 2 and we been having sex every other day but still got nothing. i should have my period coming to an end 9 or 10 of April. i don't know what to do but i have to say i dont eat to much healthy food and i don't take any vitamins. is there anything i can do? any advice? please help...

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It literally varies from one woman to the next, to be brutally honest.  There have been studies and reports that claim if you've been on a method of birth conrtrol [condoms don't count] that it will take longer and be harder for you to conceive, at first.  Some women, like me, get pregnant if their husband looks at them cross-eyed [not always the most desired ability!]. Best thing to do if you are serious about becoming a mom is to make sure youre healthy.  See if you can get a thourough checkup or physical at your doc's, to rule out any complications that may prevent you from conceiving, or that can be corrected early on.  Excersise, even if it's just walking for half an hour a day.  A healthy diet can only be beneficial for you, which would be the life support system for a baby to feed off of for 9 months.  My doctor gave me prescription- strength prenatal vitamins when I wasn't even thinking about kids- you can request them or go buy regular ones at the store- you don't need to be pregnant to take them.  They will give you things that you may be missing from your diet, and you'll be ahead of the game if you already have them in your system.  They don't, however, make you any more fertile.  
hcg inyection is the best
I have two boys and with both I had no problems getting pregnant.  After my 2nd son I went on yaz for two yrs and then we decided to try one last time for a girl. I thought getting pregnant again would be easy but it wasn't.  We went through over 8 months of trying and it seemed like it wasn't going to happen at all.  Everyone says be patient but that can be very hard when you know that you want to have a baby.  First time mom or having your third it can be frustrating.  
it takes some time for birth control to leave your system i was on birth control for 5 years, when I stopped takeing it, it took me 4 months to get pregnant, but i had a friend that it took her 2 years to get pregnant and the her docter told her that her body took that long to get the pills out of her system. From what i have read about it it should take anywhere from 3 to 4 months to get pregnant after stopping useing the pill.

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