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i went to the docter today turns out i am having a girl any names?

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im thinking about mia kate what do you think

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i like the name
So no baby today?  How long do they think until you have the baby?  Pretty name, I like it better than Bella.
im not a doctor but seems like all ur doctors arent that bright. they've changed the sex of the baby 3 times. i thought u were having the baby today?
LOL!  I thought that about the doctors too!  Were you supposed to be induced today?  I was wondering how you knew you would be having the baby today...
the docter told me i was gonna be enduced today at 7 thats what happend to me having the baby today and thats how i knew and btw my docters are stupid
good luck! :) and lol about your docters being stupid
Change doctors again, please. o_O
if they gave u an induction date they usually dont change it. why did they change their mind?

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