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Iam 14 weeks should I start feeling any movements soon?

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It depends on your weight and how the baby is positioned at the time. If a person is overweight it can make it harder for them to feel the baby at first. Usually the baby can be felt around week 16 or 17 but sometimes its hard to tell that it's the baby! With my first I just felt little flutters and now with my second it almost feels like little gas bubbles. Don't worry though--you will be able to feel the little one soon!
Most first-timers recognize Baby's movement around mid-pregnancy, between 18-24 weeks. Some who are a little more in-tune with their bodies - including second-timers - may feel the difference around 16-17 weeks. Those who are old pros may realize that their baby's bouncing around or kicking out as early as 13-15 weeks. I've been pregnant 11 times before, most of which didn't make it to the half-way point. But I've gotten to know my pregnant body and what is and isn't me. So I felt the baby's first distinguishable movement around 13 weeks. It was a real thrill to read "welcome to the second trimester" then feel a bump that was NOT me that very night. So either I'm a luckier woman than I think, or my due date's closer than I think.
im 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby and i havent felt a movement yet i think i felt flutters so when i went for my 20 wk scan wednesday i asked the midwife as the pregnancy book was saying you should feel your baby move between 16wks and 22wks but earyer wiv your second the midwife said everyone is different and so is every pregnacey she said by the time im 22 wks you will feel movements but she said youve proberly felt the baby move and not realised as it will feel like a light flutter sorry to go on but i hope this helps
First time pregnancy can be anywhere from 18-24 weeks before you feel distinct movement.  Repeat moms are sometimes aware as early as 16 weeks (some even sooner). You probably have a ways to go, and since the first movements won't feel like kicks they will be harder to recognize. Hang in there!

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