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iam 38 weeks pregnant my edd is dec. 26 will she be here by new years?

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i was wondering if i would have my baby before the new year. so if i was 2 make it to my due date would they induce me before jan. 1 or how would that work i am only 1cm dilted does that mean that the baby is likey to be here soon i can not wait to see her n i would really like 2 start the new year with her in my arms already...

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You can't predict labour! The likely hood of getting induced over the holidays is very slim. The doctor's would rather be with their families! You can be 1cm dialated for a long time. If you want to hurry things up, try walking lots, that can speed things up.
my mucos plug came out on my 37th week does that mean that my labor is close. and walking is kind of hard for me it is very cold and icy outside n i would have to go to a mall or a store to walk around i dont want to fall outside or anything
I was due on the 26th as well and our little guy made his appearance on Dec 8.. there is really no way to guess when your little one will be here our dr had told us that as long as I was dialating and my cervix was softening that once I hit 39 weeks we would talk about setting up a time to induce.. so you could always ask what your dr thinks about doing an induction.. sex does help induce labor... we were ready for our little guy to get here and between lots of nipple stimulation and sex( make sure your guy ejaculates inside you.. it has something in it to start contractions =) ) I went into labor the same night.. walking lots does help but I understand what you are saying.. I live in Indiana and couldnt get out to walk I had to go to the walmart and walk and after so long the scenery got boring haha.. good luck hun

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