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iam trying to get pregnant i was using pills which i stopped 2 months

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please advice iam stressed.

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First, don't stress.  It can take a while for some people to get pregnant.  With my first son, between work, the act of trying and we were moving at the time I was so stressed out that nothing was working.  Once things worked out and I calmed down we were able to get pregnant.  Stress works against you and I'm a firm believer in the once you stop trying to get pregnant, you do get pregnant rule of thumb.  Use a fertility calculator/conception calculator.  Just google conception calculator or fertility calculator to help you find the right days.  There are tips for him on what to avoid to help his swimmers be more mobile.  But mostly, don't stress it will happen when the time is right.  If you go more than a year without getting pregnant you may want to visit a doctor or if your annual is coming up you may want to mention you are trying to get pregnant.  But really, just try to relax!
I have to agree with lissiemel.. my bf and I had tried to get pregnant for a year and half before we conceived our daughter and we happened to conceive a month after we stopped trying. We had just given up and stopped worrying and it happened. So I to believe that if you dont think and stress about it then it will happen quicker.. the same thing this time we werent trying but not using anything to prevent it either and we found out we were expecting when our daughter was almost 10 months old. And I had onyl started getting my cycle again a couple months prior due to still breastfeeding.. just dont think about it.. when it is meant to happen it will. However you can also buy the ovulation predictor tests that they sell at like walmart and places like that.. I have not tried them though so I cant say if they really help or not.. good luck

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