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All I want to eat is ice. Ill walk down everyday for sinner time to the snow cone place and have them give me a cup pf ice with two or three squeezed limes and salt. I know it sounds weird im naseuas all the time and this really help me out. Sometimes I wont even ear dinner as ong as I hae my cone Iam a happy camper!

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You might want to ask your Dr. when I was pregnant with my first child I did the same thing I loved ice.  However I soon found out that I was enemic and that the ice was not helping.  Now with my second child I still really love ice but I make sure to eat plenty of other foods make sure that you're not enemic and try to eat a variety of foods.  But your not alone I love ice too.
Im about 15 weeks pregnant..and i was discuss my pregnancy with a family friend and she also told me to watch out for craving ice because she did as well as nadia4ever7 and she too found out she was enemic.
eating ice while pregnant can lower your iron count i was enemic and the doctors had to tell me over and over not to eat it.
I do the same thing I love the lime n salt, although I heard that too much salt is not good. I like the lime but it makes me soo sick from the acid n it.
It makes sense that you would want lime and salt since both of those things can definitely quell nausea and upset stomach in pregnancy. Although, as pointed out, too much salt is not good and eating just lime ice is not good for baby. You need to get more protein!

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