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If I Havent Had My period in 2weeks and im always naseous am i pregnant?

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Ok well im actually young and, im trying to find the time to go to the doctors office but, i HAVE to know for sure so that i wont do anything thats going to hurt the baby. And this will be my first baby ever so, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always have my period at the end of a month going on to the next one, but i havent had it in 2weeks and im nervous but i only had sex maybe 3weeks ago?

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Depending on exactly how long your cycle is would depend on when you Ovulate, and that's when you are most likely to get pregnant. Most women have about a 28 day cycle, which means they ovulate on day 14, or 2 weeks before their period starts... which means you could have gotten pregnant when you had sex 3 weeks ago. If you are pregnant, you should get started on a prenatal vitamin and be sure to not drink or smoke, as this effects your baby. The Dollar Store sells Pregnancy Tests that are fairly accurate and should let you know if you are expecting or not. Hope this helps, and Congratulations if you are. :)
Try to relax and remember that sometimes stressing about being pregnant can cause you to have symptoms of pregnancy (such as delaying your period)  Just take an at home pregnancy test or if you cant afford it find your local emergency pregnancy clinic.  These clinics are great resources and will help you out so much if you end up being pregnant. 
take a home pregnancy test!
aww thanks, wow this helps alot!!!!
I would definitley try a home pregnancy test. One thing is if you think you may be pregnant you might actually be tricking your body into thinking you are hence the nausea and missed period. You should also visit your doc to rule out any illness which can also cause your symptoms.
take a test and even if its negative go to the dr. just to make sure

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