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If I'm healthy and my baby's healthy, what's the big deal with 26 lbs?

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I'm 28 weeks pregnant and my doctor mentions my weight gain at every appointment. I feel good and my baby is healthy. I understand the health implications with large weight gain during pregnancy, but I don't think I've gained a ton of weight. I'd rather not gain 26 lbs, but I also don't think it's at some critical stage. I dislike my doctor, but can't "fire" her because of all the money we've already paid out of pocket. I wasn't in great shape before, but I certainly don't feel like I'm totally disgusting. Where were you at at 7 months? I just want to get an idea of how most women are at my stage of pregnancy. Thanks!

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If you were overweight before, that is alot. I'm 36 weeks, and have gained 10, which since I was about 15 lbs over weight when I started, is fine. With my first, I gained about 5 lbs by the time I was 7 months, and about 20 in the end (I was a perfect weight then). I think alot of the concern is that the end of your pregnancy, 7 months on, is when the real weight gain starts. Try to stay as active as you can, and make sure you're not eatting any junk food, and you should be fine, but I do understand your doctor's concern.
I'm at 35 weeks and have gained 25 pounds.  My dr doesn't seem concerned although I was overweight when I conceived as well.
My first I gained 32 lbs altogether and 7 years later gained 28 lbs with my second, both girls. They say you gain alot of weight towards the end of the pregnancy, so just stay active and eat right and you should be fine. You don't want to be the woman that gains 60 lbs- 2 of my close friends both did and they are still battling the weight 2 and 4 years later.
Thank you for all of your answers. I was not huge before I got pregnant. I was running. I'm certainly not saying I was skinny, but I wasn't in bad shape. I guess I just look at all of the women in my family. My mom gained 11 lbs and my sister gained 60. My sister was a size 4 and has been back in her 4's for a while now. But she got HUGE. Maybe that's why I'm not feeling so concerned about it. My iron, glucose, blood pressure, everything is normal and healthy. I work out 4 to 5 times a week and watch what I eat except for Saturday when I get to give in to my cravings. My nurse practitioner and my nurse both told me not to worry about how much I've gained, but just to make sure I'm doing things in a healthy manner. And in talking to my mom who is a nurse, she had a point in saying that every woman is different. I had one month where I gained a lot of weight (almost half of what I've gained) and I've been able to decrease how much I've gained every month since. That's the progress I'm looking for. Plus, in my family, weight is an all over gain not just one place. I feel like for every inch on my belly, I gain an inch on my butt. I appreciate all of your input! Thank you!
Okay, some women just gain more.  It's all about your body type and to me partly genetics.  With my first, I'll admit I ate for 2, because I was hungrier and didn't make wise choices.  I was young and prengant...go for it attitude!  I gained 36 lbs total with him.  2 years later with my second, I learned my lesson.  Really watched what I ate, excerised in moderation as prescribed.  I was a little heavier to start with but I was healthy and ate healthy.  I still gained 33 lbs by the end.  3 years later, I'm on my third pregnant.  All the lessons learned, I know how to eat right.  I'm 31 so I know all about the pros and cons of weight gain.  I've also learned that I eat healthy, I excerise as much as my work schedule and my other 2 children allow - I'm still gaining weight.  I threw up for the first 15 weeks and lost almost 10 lbs due to it.  I'm 31 weeks now and I've gained right at 25 lbs.  It's how my body works.  I don't look fat, I look pregnant.  I'm not gaining in my face, my arms, my legs, my butt - it's only in my belly.  I've only got 1 in there, but it's how my body is built to handle pregnancy.  My blood pressure is normal, no swelling, no issues that come with the excessive weight gain.  Cut yourself some slack.  Baked foods, not fried, walk if you aren't too tired.  Drink lots of water and post baby be very dilligent about getting back into your excerise routine - everything will be fine.  :)
I'm 22 weeks pregnant (i'll be 23 friday). Before I got pregannt I was a 129lbs , today  iwas weighted at a midwife appoitment and I am 154lbs. The more weight you put on you have to take off in the end. But as long as you and the baby are healthy and you aren't at risk for gestational diabetes I wouldn't worry.
Every woman and every pregnancy differs. Some based on nutrition, excercise, lifestyle, and health; all of which vary from everyone else. I am only 20 wks pregnant with my second child and I am the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The first trimester of my pregnancy this time around I lost a total of 30 lbs. During month four, I gained 4 lbs back; but just recently was weighed at the dr's office and have lost another 6 lbs in a month for a total of 32 lbs lost in five months. My doctor isn't concerned since the baby is healthy and it is measuring the size it should for this far along. According to her it is just my pregnancy metabolism outweighing my "eating for two."  So keep in mind.. as long as your baby is healthy and you are too... there is no need for excess worry, it will just add to contributing to excess stress which isn't good for either of you. Congratulations and best of luck.
i think it's fine for my daughter I was 115 at 1 month and after i delivered I was 165 so I gained 50 lbs with her this time I am having a boy and I was 157 At about 8 weeks now I'm 35 weeks and weigh 188 so I've gained 31 lbs this tim. It all depends on the baby and your body everyone and all pregnancies are diff.
This is my first pregnancy, I'm 29 weeks today and have already gained about 35lbs. Me and the baby are both doing great but my doc also told me I need to watch my weight. Funny thing is everyone else tells me I'm tiny! lol I was only 103lbs at the beginning of my pregnancy, possibly less than that (which is about 10lbs underweight for my body type.) I've only gained weight in my belly, thighs and bum. Don't worry too much, I know I'm not.
Don't worry, sweetie.  Some women gain more.  I was healthy before I got pregnant, and I was healthy during my pregnancy and I gained 51 pounds.


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