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If my due date is June 25,2010 how many weeks/months am I??

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I always get different answers form different websites

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I am due August 14, 2010 and i always get a week ahead on different webistes as well. So many websites give me 24,but my doctor says 23 weeks. So for you i believe you are three weeks ahead of me. So you are 26 weeks or so? In months that is your third week in your sixth month. I'm not completely sure,but you should check with your doctor.
You will be 31 weeks on the 23rd (this Friday). Which means you're actually in the 8th month of your pregnancy. (It actually lasts 10 months b/c they start it on the 1st day of your last period.)
start from your due date (40 weeks ) and count backwards by weeks until you get to today. My due date is July 28 and I am 26 weeks.
You are in 30 weeks and you will be 31 weeks on Friday that equals out to 7 months +1 almost 2 weeks.  You are in your third trimester.  But in all honesty your doctor should be telling you this stuff.  They should be measuring your belly everytime you go in there.  You should be going there twice a month now.  Plus everytime you get an ultrasound they will measure the baby and will tell you.   By the way to calculate how many months you are from how many weeks you are.  You would just take whatever the weeks are and divide them by 4 weeks (which is how many weeks each month has) and that will give you the months.My due date is August 6, 2010 and I am 24 weeks.  That is what my doctor told me.  I will be 25 weeks on Friday. I am 6 months right now, but on Friday I will be 6 months + 1 week.asudeheimer 8 months would equal out to 32 weeks.  I just wanted to point that out to you. But also you are the one that was closest. 
I'm due June 24th, so you should be 31 weeks... but will tell you that you are 32 weeks. This is because right when you turn 31 weeks the sight changes so that you can read up on what you baby is doing as you progress to week 32. Also when you hit 32 weeks that will be your first week of the eighth month! Congrats!
idk where ya getting ur information. im due june 24,and im 34 wks. I'll be 35 wks on sunday.

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