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If you are pregnant.....

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is it true that before you take the test you have to drink a lot of liquids? its a question that has been running though my mind a lot. thanks for the help.

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I have never heard that one.  Unless it is so that you can make sure you have enough urine to use.  As long as you have to pee then you are fine with just as much urine as you have already.  I hope that this helped.
My Dr. suggested using the urine from first thing in the morning, it will have the highest HGC concentration of the day.  Drinking too many fluids will dilute your urine and could lead to a negative result.  Using the morning's first urine for testing is especially important if you are trying to test before your missed period when your hormone levels will be low and more difficult to detect. 
drinking alot of water before your test can lead to a false negtive so be careful
Everyone told me to use the first pee of the morning for the test, but I ended up taking three test one night, then two the next morning. They all had the same result, positive. No one has ever told me to drink a lot before hand though.

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