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If your already dialated to a 2?

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Im dialated to a 2 and im 36 weeks pregnant and i was just wondering if i dialate anymore with out going into labor if my doctor will just break my water or will i have to wait till my body decides to do it on its own? I have one son already and he was born at 28 weeks and my water just randomly broke with him and three days later i started having contractions and then i had i'v never made it this far in a pregnancy and i dont know if the doctor will just wait or go ahead and induce...If anyone has a possible answer for this please let me know bc me and my husband were wondering...Thank you

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I was 2 cm for 3 wks before I had my first daughter. And they sent me home from the hospital 2 times because I wasn't progressing. I was having regular contractions, just not enough to get the ball rolling. I think it just depends on who ur dr is and what their practices are. Good luck and congratulations!!
I was dialated to a 2 one month before my due date (about where you are now) with my first child and my doctor really did not think anything of it. I went into labor naturally with her 2 weeks later and went to the hospital. I was dialated to a 5 when I got there and then the Dr. had to break my water for me. I had her 2 weeks early and my Dr. said it was b/c I dialated so early, but my baby girl was a healthy 8lbs 8ozs so my Dr. really was not worried at all.
I am now 37 1/2 weeks and have been dialted to 2 for over a week. My doctor wants my body to change on its own before she induces or breaks my water. This is my third baby. So far all have ben very differnt from each other. Once I reach 39 weeks we have talked about being induce if no changes over the next couple of weeks. I hope this helps. Nikki
i was dialated 2 cm for a week and my contractions were getting worse and they tried to stop them twice and it didnt work so they waited till i was 39 weeks and they induced me and my water broke on its on but after they induce me things went fast.. so i wish u luck..
My friend was dialed 2cm and they sent her home and told her to wait. 2 weeks later she had her baby. (That was 3 days ago!)

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