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It's almost impossible to stamp a 'perfect' weight for anyone during pregnancy.  Some women will gain weight right away, others may take a while to bulk up.  The important thing to remember is NOT to try and lose weight, but stuffing your face with anything and everything can also be bad.  If you're going to your checkups and you're being weighed in, your doctor should mention something about your weight if he/she feels it's a concern.  Just remember to eat right and drink plenty of fluids.
They say the best gauge is how much you gain over all. Remember, stay active if you already were, walking, light jogging or stationary biking all good healthy activities. Eat right and get plenty of sleep and fluids. If you were of healthy weight before expect to gain about 5lbs the first trimester and then anywhere from 15-20lbs in the remaining months. Remember every women is different and every pregnancy is different so like most things in life there is nothing "perfect". Just stay healthy 
Gaining weight during pregnancy isn't an exact science.  We all gaine weight differently.  Overall with my first son I gained 40 lbs, but most of that was the placenta, the baby, the water the baby was in.  With my second son I gained 20 lbs but again that was mostly the baby.  My third son I gained only 10 lbs.  Now I am pregnant for my 4th child and I haven't gained any so far, but my baby is healthy and the doctor doesn't see anywhere to be concerned.  That is only because I keep gainging and losing the same 5 lbs.  Our bodies are all different.  Our babies are all different.  If you are concerned about your weight gain or loss then discuss this with your ob doctor.  As long as the baby is growing there is nothing to be concerned about.
It depends on what your doctor says.  I'm 18 wks and over 200 lbs.  The doctor told me not to gain more than 15 lbs., but not to diet either.

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