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im 10 weeks and not really showing is this normal

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Yes I didn't start showing with my first baby till about 17 or so weeks! if your a first time mommy it takes a little longer to show cause your belly muscles are nice and tight so they hold everything in like a gurdle.
yes, this is very normal, im almost into my sixth month and am barely showing, sure i have the baby bump but thats about it. Doc said it was normal because im relativly little and its my first=] good luck!
First time moms don't show for a couple of months, sometimes 5 to 6 months. Don't compare yourself to us veteran moms whose abs aren't as tight. Congratulations
Yes it is perfectly normal. I am 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and I'm still not showing.
I didnt start showing until I was 23 weeks!! Now I'm 29 weeks and I think I'm huge! :)
Lots of women carry very differently- if you're still wearing prepregnancy clothes, get all the mileage out of them while you can!  With both my pregnancies, I didn't show until 6 months... around the 5th month I FELT like I was huge, but no one ever came up and asked "What are you having?  When are you due?  Is this your first?" until well into my 7th month, when I was blatantly pregnant.  It's exciting in a funny way when you start showing, but rock on while you can!

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