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im 11 weeks and ppl tell me i aint i look like im 5 months why is that?? and that's because i was thin before i found out i was preg?

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Some people who havnt had kids are just rude, they dont know the diference between actually what someine should actually look like at what month of pregnancy they are in. I had people telling me I was going to have a big baby when I was 5 months prego, and I just looked at them like they were retarded for the fact that I knew myself I was not overweight and neither was my baby i was was right where i was supposed to be with my weight. dont let people teling you that you already look big bring you down keep in the back of your mind that only you know whats up with your body and they dont know what the hell they are talking about. Sometimes it even feels good to stick up for yourself and say excuse me? it will make them feel bad and purhaps they wont say stuff like that to a pregnant woman ever again.
i am 12 weeks and my sister is 23 weeks but i look way bigger and thats normal i am much taler and bigger then her shes has a very little frame. people always say that i am 23 weeks and that shes 12 we just dont care what people say
Every woman is different, just like every person and body type. But make sure your staying healthy, getting plenty of good foods and if you can at least walking a little bit every day. Check with your doctor and make sure your not gaining to much weight. If he or she doesn't seem to be overly concerned I wouldn't worry about it. Could be you just aren't use to any large amount of weight in one area and so your just showing more. Don't sweat it unless its starting to compromise your health.

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