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I'm 11 weeks now, working with military insurance and won't be able to get in for my 1st prenatal visit until 13 weeks!! Is this normal/ok?

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I'm super worried and want to make sure the lil baby is alive and healthy! My blood test results came back with healthy HCG levels...I need help handling the stress. As long as I feel symptoms every day is it still ok?

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You're never really guaranteed that everything is okay but most of the time it is. There is only a small incidence of miscarriage. You can be fine the first trimester with an ultrasound that shows everything looks great only to have bleeding in the second trimester. Just play it day by day. I can tell you though that I had really bad morning sickness with a baby I lost and the morning of the day I lost the baby it was gone. It actually felt as if I was no longer pregnant and the ER doctor told me that is normal for miscarriage. As for military insurance, why is it going to take so long? All you have to do is call your primary and then they call Tricare to get your referal which only takes three days then you can schedule with your OB which should only take a day or two. Try not to worry...there isn't anything you can do right now other than take a prenatal and eat right. It can be real hard to wait though I want to start bonding right from the go ahead and bond, chances are things will be fine! Good luck! Think positive!
My doctor didn't even want to see me until I was about 10 weeks for the first major intial exam.  And I guess that it normal for some doctors. Then it was just all blood test and urine tests.  But I won't go through my results until my second visit the end of July.  I did have ultrasounds weeks 6 and 8 because I had bleeding and they thought I could be miscarrying.  11 weeks is hard if you are worried about your baby because you are just started to feel better so the "symptoms" that were there might not be and there isn't any kicking feeling until at least 16 weeks and like me my breast tenderness went down a little.  I get worried still cause of my intial scare.  But just keep taking your prenatal vitamin every day try to eat good and excercise everyday, like me I try to walk for 30 min everyday.  You will be fine for the last two weeks.  Me and my husband is on prime remote and they usually allow whatever the primary doctor orders or refers you too.  Standard you don't even need the refferal.  Which one do you have?  Ask them to send you a pregnancy packet too because they have different rules for the different plans. Like with how they pay for Ultrasounds. We call and bug them all the time with questions and sometimes someone says "oh you can only do this" and then we find out that was not the case!  OH Tricare!!  Just keep bugging them and making sure they are giving you the RIGHT info!  Good Luck!
Oh thank you! I woke up this morning to a tiny bit of light pink spotting and then it was gone.  I called my PCM on base and she said not to worry about it.  She also called Tricare and took care of that problem for me, I'm not going in for my 1st appointment tomorrow morning!!! Thank God, because I'm stressin!  I didn't feel sick today or bloated and my boobs don't ache as bad. :(  Can it still be ok if I don't "feel" pregnant right now?  The PCM said those symptoms tend to go away around this time....???
Yeah they do for most people.  Some people have symptons all through the pregnancy.  Some have in the first and third trimester.  You will be fine let us know how it goes!
Oh bless your heart for writing me back! My appointment went GREAT! The clinic is really nice and they take an ultrasound at every appointment and put it on your dvd to take home and watch. :) I told her I had lost all symptoms for the last couple days and she put the baby right on the screen. The first thing I saw were lil hands and feet waving and the baby squirming around upside-down. :D Then she found the heart beat and measured it...everything's developed well and I am SOOO RELIEVED!!
I didn't have my first pernatal visit till around the end of my second month. I asked why they were scheduling my 1st appt so late and she said it was to make sure my pregnancy was to go thru and that I would be fine. She did advise to me to go ahead and take prenatal vitimans so I bought some OneADay prenatals. When my appt came everything was fine an I was doing great. And if this matters I do not have military insurance

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