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im 12 weeks pregnant today. I have'nt got sick at all and im not really showing yet. Anybody else the same way?

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yep yep yep! Im 34 weeks now, and I had a flat tummy til about 30 weeks. Seriously. I could tell that I was gettin a bump earlier but I wasnt showing enough for people to know I was actually pregnant til 30 weeks. I have to admit it was nice, to be tiny and not showing but definately able to feel kicks, summersalts, and stretches.
If this is your first pregnancy, you're probably not going to start showing until later in your prengnacy.  I didn't start showing until around 16 or so weeks.  I'm 25 weeks now.Early in my pregnancy, I didn't get sick either, but I would feel yucky if I didn't eat every 2-3 hours. ;)
i am only 6 weeks and my pants are already getting small around the waist and i have been throwing up
I really didn't start showing til about the 20th week. I felt so impatient during my 12week b/c I wanted to show so much. Just give it a bit more time. I also didn't throw up during the first trimester but felt pretty nauseous.
I didn't show until about week 20 and it was still just a little round belly, not pregnant looking at all. I never got one sign of morning sickness either and actually didn't even know I was pregnant for the first 2 months!
Im about 117  an I'm already showing a little bit and I'm only 10 weeks .. I look more bloated than anything! But you are verrrrry lucky ! I've been nothing but sick.. Wish I was in your shoes!  Goodluck =)

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