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I'm 13 weeks, and I don't have an appetite, is this normal?

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This pregnancy has been just fine. Not a lot of nausea during the 1st trimester, none now, my body feels better, I have more energy, but I'm not having that definite pregnant feeling. I have no appetite, I have to force myself to eat, and I'm afraid my baby isn't getting what it needs to grow healthy and strong. Is this normal? Is this going to change anytime soon?

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As long as you're taking your prenatal vitamins and are eating what you can you don't need to worry. I had morning sickness for about 5 months with my first baby and I barely ate. She turned out just fine! I'm pregnant with my third baby now and at almost 28 weeks I haven't even gained 10 pounds. So eat what you can and if you aren't hungry, don't force yourself.

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