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I'm 13 weeks pregnant, and sometimes when I cough or sneeze I end up peeing a little. Is this normal?

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yea it is. because your baby is sitting on your bladder its causing pressure that your body not use to. believe me you are going to keep doing it to. It gets worst as your baby grow. so i would advise pantie liners.
yes it is completely normal I have had this with all 4 of my pregnancies.  Also the more babies you have the worse it gets, because the more times you are pregnant your bladder gets moved down.  I am on my 4th right now and I can't even lift something without peeing my pants.  So like gobber10906 said wear panty liners or pads.
Yeah as embarrasing as it is it will happen alot more i am 29 weeks and i have peed my pants a few times when i  sneezed or coughed too hard. Haha its just one of the not so fun things about being bregnant!! = D

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