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I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my first child, and I have had diarrhea for 3 days every time I eat, is something wrong?

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I'm not sure what it could be, but I would say SOMETHING is not right. Call your doctor ASAP, and make sure to stay hydrated until something can be done to make the situation better.
Take some fiber. Not only does it help with constipation but also with diarrhea. And yes! Make sure to drink lots and lots of water!!You  may also have caught a bug of some sort.. And I believe it's 24 hours of diarrhea and then consult your doctor.
Diarrhea could possibly be caused by the prenatal vitamins you are on, certain brands don't agree with some woman, you may want to ask your OB about switching to children's chewable vitamins, this helped me tremendously both w/ bowel issues and the nausea my vitamins induced. Also the diarrhea could be coming from an increase in water or fluids to your diet if you have been drinking more. With most diarrhea there's nothing to worry about as long as you are not losing weight, but if you have severe diarrhea (defined as more than 3 loose stools a day) you should contact your OB asap, as you could become dehydrated and that is a risk factor for premature labor. Congrats on your pregnancy, and best of luck to you! :)
I don't think it could be your prenatals if the diarrhea just started up. Don't over drink water you will flush out necessary nutrients for you and baby. Lastly if you started eating something new or put more water and fiber in you diet that could be the reason and your body just needs to regulate it self. See you doctor to make sure your continuing to gain weight, and that you don't have some sort of virus or bacteria.

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