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im 14wks pregnant

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1-im 14wks pregnant with my 1st as of monday may 10.but i havent taken my prenatal vitamins since last week tuesday.Not because i didnt want to but because of the lack of sleep ive been getting, causing me to wake up late and rush out the house without taking one,and too tired getting home to remember that i havent taken it. However i did take one today.(may 12) but im not sure if that absence of the vitamins for past few days will harm my baby. can someone help me. 2- i hate milk however being pregnant my only cravings are deli made sandwiches. so is ok if i dont drink the milk being that all my sandwiches have cheese on them?

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Make sure to get alot of calcium so your teeth stay strong!! I think missing a couple vitamins won't harm the baby.  It's important to take them so you and the baby have enough vitamins.  Sounds odd but I put mine right next to my tooth brush so I don't forget to take them at night.
Missing a few days of vitamins isn't a big deal.  (In fact, I had such a bad reaction to prenatal vitamins with my first pregnancy that my doctor gave me the okay this time to take Flintstones chewables!  He said that diets in the US are, on the whole, pretty good and that super-charged prenatal vitamins aren't as necessary as people think they are. Plus, he said if I can't keep a prenatal vitamin down, then it's not doing me any good anyway!)  So, take them as often as you can.  I pack my vitamins with my lunch - I find that my vitamins don't bother me as much if I don't take them first thing in the morning, and if they're in with my lunch, then I remember to take them every day.There are lots of ways to get calcium in your diet, even if you don't like milk.  (I'm a huge milk drinker, but I've developed pregnancy-related lactose intolerance and can't drink regular milk anymore.)  Cheese, yogurt, and certain types of fortified drinks (e.g. calcium-fortified OJ) can help you ensure that you're getting enough calcium.  Remember: if you don't get enough calcium, the baby will get what s/he needs by taking it from you.  So, getting too little calcium right now won't hurt your baby, but it will hurt you in the long run.Not to be an alarmist, but I was a bit concerned when I saw that you're eating lots of sandwiches.  You need to be very careful with deli meat - it can contain the bacteria listeria, which can cause listeriosis.  Women who are pregnant are more susceptible to listeriosis, which can cause harm to your unborn baby. The best thing to do is avoid cold cuts, hot dogs, etc., unless you know that they have been heated all the way through to steaming (160 degrees).  Since most delis do not reheat their lunch meats, it's much better for pregnant women to avoid them completely.  If you do want a sandwich, try a grilled ham and cheese - then you know that the ham is heated all the way through - or buy your own lunch meat and heat it yourself.
hmm, i understand you on this one because my whole pregnancy i craved cheesey stuff which helped because it seems like everytime i drink milk i feel naseous. i took my prenatal vitamins for the most part but by my 6th month i was more up and about gettin ready for the baby that i that im 3 days to my due date i realized OUCH. my bones have been very achey and my teeth sumtimes feel weak when i eat. my babys bones on the other hand, VERY STRONG i feel every kick. the baby is fine but for you, get some calcium because your bones (especially your legs) will hurt a lot! 

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