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im 15 & preggo & i dont really kno wat to do so if u have anything that can help me

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just please comment me. thank you

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Hey there. Well first off you need to sign up for every free class at your local hospital and online. U can recieve alot of coupons and free items that way. If u dont have family tthat is supportive talking with ur OB will help alot.  Just take care of urself and the baby and ask every question u can think of when going to ur doctor.  Good luck and dont worry mothering comes naturally to most women. You'll be fine!!! 
I had my first at fifteen and i was very nervous but everything came very naturall. I took classes at the hospital and it helped a lot it was also a great way to meet other pregnant woman and ask questions! The best thing to do is take care of yourself and the baby and find really good support systems......youve already started by coming to this site were here for all ur Q&A's!!...... Goodluck!!
I know it sucks being young and thinking about being a mom and not being able to be the normal you anymore. If you are in a good relaitonship then itll be okay. dont be afraid to talk to your family. i am only 16 and i am 7 months pregnant, i am scared but i believe everything happens for a reason. And every thing will be just fine. Just dont be afraid to trust people because right now we need as much help as we can get. Just ask about local agencies that can help. i have every thing from wic to the The Womans Alpha center helping me. just dont be ashamed be happy. 
okay thank yall for the help...amanda--i told my mom about it and she wasnt very happy...everyone--if yall have any websites or local st. albans wv number that will help me so much bc i feel like im on my own wit this bc my family aint helpin my much there kinda mad bout the situation, and the babys daddy aint very supportive rite now either.everyone--im exsprienced wit kids but im still scared..
SweetHeart, Im 27 and pregnant for the first time too, Im scared as well.  I know there are many unknowns, just remember this, that little angel inside of you believes in you!  He/she, is going to think that you are so strong for doing this at such a young age.  Maybe you could find a local church that will be emotional support for you... Im sure the second your mom sees that little baby, or feels it it kick, she's gonna fall in love! 
rey-rey----thank u for ur support & im tryin my hardest to be careful and take care of my self...ive stoped all the bad things i did and everything.
Parents always seem to get upset when you are young and get pregnant. Mine didnt seem too happy and I'm married! I always fear that when a young woman gets pregnant she automatically looks to abortion and I'm so glad that you told your family and plan on keeping your little one. This website is VERY helpful when you are trying to learn about pregnancy, but you can google other websites. like which is basically the book What to Expect When You are Expecting, but online which is pretty nice when you dont want to spend $13 on the book. Make sure to cut back on caffine and sugars and to stay active! Many girls are in your situation as well, and you seem to be making the best out of it! Congrats and good luck!
clorissa--thanks for ur help, when i first found out i was i didnt have one thought about abortion bc i dnt believe in it, i dnt think its rite...i will check out that website thank u
You should go to you local health department and ask about birthing classes and parenting classes.even thow you may not need them you will be able to meet people in you area, that are in the same boat as you. i live in michigan and there are so many suppurt groups just look aroud you would be surprised what you will find. if you need to talk, contact me on myspace( or email me( there are people out there for you and dont worry about what people think because they dont matter. be proud of you and what your doing. all because your pregnant doesnt mean anything. its so easy to walk with your head down. i did it for a while because i wasnt married but you wanna know what i can love my child just as much as a 30 year old women that has been married for 15 years. everything will be okay. just dont let it get you down. when my dad found out i thought he was going to kill me but after a few weeks he was byeing my baby boy clothes and adding another room on the house for a nursery. it just takes some time to adjust to your child having a child and no matter what your mom will love you. she may be upset but shell make it.
thank you amanda i just sent u a friend request


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