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I'm 15 weeks and have a horrible horrible headache along with nausea. Is this normal? The headache is so bad i feel like crying.

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nausea and headaches are all common symptoms of those wonderful morning symptoms that can last all through pregnancy! Aren't we moms lucky. I got really bad headaches throughout my pregnancy but I took my prenatals religiously and I drank alot of fluids. Mostly water (about 64oz a day) and juices which seemed to help. If your in lots of pain ask your doctor if she can prescribe anti nausea medication or if it would be okay for you to take some ib profin.
Yes I agree with ssmarie7.  Get plenty of fluids and talk to your ob doctor about the headaches.  A lot of us women suffer from migraines during pregnancy. 
It sounds like you're getting migranes. Apparently, the surging levels of estrogen can cause them (read the week 17 article). There's not really anything you can take except Tylenol, so try to figure out what your triggers are and avoid those. Caffiene and MSG are listed as common. Onions trigger my sister's (non-pregnancy) migranes. In the meantime, when you get one, if you can, go to a dark, quiet place and maybe put cold compresses on your head and the back of your neck or whatever else makes you feel better.
And of course, talk to your doctor about them!
I suffer from hormonal migraines. I had to stop taking birth control because of it and that's how I ended up pregnant. :DBecause there are so many hormones surging through your body when you're building a baby, it's very common to get headaches/migraines, especially if you're already prone to them.My midwife told me to take 2 tylenol (the only medication that's recommended for pregnant women) and to have caffiene (a coke or a cup of coffee). I've also found that restricting the ammount of light helps, as well as putting an ice pack on my eyes/forehead/back of my head/neck.

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