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im 15 weeks and i have alot of headaches i told my doctor and she just says to take tylenol but i get it alot

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I got the same answer... I can go a week or 2 without having one the but then a week straight or having them every other day... I was told i could take 2 extra strengh tylenol, but she said it was normal for me.
I started getting the same problem this pregnancy as well.  My doctor told me to take two extra strength Tylenol and drink a caffeine soda.  She said the two together would help and it;s fine to drink caffeine once in a while or once a day if needed for headaches during pregnancy. 
I have been having the same problems with this pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy and I have had headaches like crazy. I have been told to just take tylenol, and it really hasn't worked. I usually have to try to lay down or get something in my system that has a bit of caffine in it, but that doesn't always work. I say try to lay down and just have some quiet time. That is what I have done.
thinks i need that what about tea im having back problems and everything

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