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I'm 15 wks pregnant and i'm still having horrible morning sickness and dizzy spells. any advice?

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this is my second pregnancy and i've never had this much trouble before. i can't even walk through my house without getting dizzy and nauseous and the time of day doesn't seem to matter. i thought this kind of stuff was supposed to ease up after the first trimester?

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ask your dr!! I dealt with the same thing.. I lost weight up until my visit at 20wks which I stayed exactly the same.. but didnt lose.. lol..and the dr had me taking different nausea meds and things to help.. it took 2 or 3 different ones before one really helped, but I feel your pain just getting out of the warm bath and standing up to get dressed I have almost passed out a few times from getting so dizzy.  I was miserable too and all I can say is eventually mine let up.. I wish that I could tell you that it went away completely but I am 22 weeks and I am still getting sick off and on during the daytime just not as bad as it was. And be sure that you are atleast keepign fluids down. I got dehydrated from getting sick so often and had to be admited to the hospital and get ivs and things to get rehydrated. Good luck hun and hang in there.. I didnt have morning sickness much at all with my first pregnancy but this one has been awful, guess the saying is true that every pregnancy is different. I felt really alone and jealous when I seen everyone able to enjoy their pregnancies and at 5 months I was still miserable just know your not alone =) It will be worth it in the end..
My doctor told me that their was a prescription she could give me for the morning sickness but I opted to just deal with it. She also said Lemonade would help along with Ginger.
If you can't eat anything,then try chewing ice. Also if smells are getting your stomach sick stay outside as long as you can to get some fresh air. For the dizzy spells drink lots of cold water and sit for a while,or take early mornin or late evening walks while its cool outside=)

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