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im 16 weeks pregnant

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and i dont feel any different besides lower back pain and my belly growing. i havent felt the baby atleast i dont think have.. is my baby okay?

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im only 15 weeks but i have somewhat the same symptoms. i dont think i can feel it but i just had a ultrasound and saw that the baby is movin like crazy. just so you can feel better go have on done just to put your mind at ease. im sure your baby is just fine.
It's totally fine. I am 31 weeks now, but at 16 weeks I was far from feeling him move. It was about 22 or 23 weeks is when I could actually feel something and that was barely anything compared to what I feel now! Don't worry, especially if this is your first, he/she is probably moving around a lot you just can't quite feel him/her yet because they are still so small at that point. Good luck!
I'm 16 weeks as well. Almost 17. I just started feeling my baby a little bit, and this is my 12th pregnancy, 3rd that got this far. With my first I didn't feel the baby move until I was around 22 weeks along. With my second it was about 19 weeks. Chances are your baby is fine, just still small enough and not strong enough for you to feel. If your uterus is slanted slightly differently or you're chubby or obese it may make the movements less obvious even longer than the usual halfway point.
I am sure your baby is okay. But to put your mind at ease I would talk to your ob and have an ultrasound done to make sure everything is okay. You'll be less stressed and be able to go on enjoying your pregnancy.
You are in that ackward transition stage that all of us ladies go through, when the first trimester issues have gone away and you just feel mostly like your pre-pregnancy self with just a hint of a stomach. Completely normal stage and your feelings are completely normal.  The baby is fine.  I think we all start worrying around this time.  Also it could be another 2 weeks to a month before you even feel the baby distinctly.  Just know that all is well if you are not bleeding or having un-natural cramping (round ligament pain is normal).  Be strong

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