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I'm 18 and pregnant with my second baby now, i'm also still breastfeeding my toddler. Should I consume a bunch more calories cause of my age and since i'm still breastfeeding?

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I'm pretty skinny as is and had a real hard time keeping weight on with my first baby will it be harder now that i'm breastfeeding and still only 18? My first son still weighed 8.1 even with my low weight gain but i'm still worried.

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I would talk to your doctor. But just a warning. I have known people who have gotten pregnant while breastfeeding and their milk changed I guess because of hormones. In my friends cases the baby stopped breastfeeding because of the change.
Hi, my daughter is 14 months and we were still breastfeeding up until about 20 weeks into this pregnancy and she suddenly started weaning herself due to the change in my milk.. I just wanted to give you warning.. I was take by surprise by it but was told by my doctor that it was a normal occurance and usually happens in the second trimester of your pregnancy if its going to affect the older child.. good luck hun =)
I've also heard that breastfeeding while pregnant is not advisable.  It's hard for your baby in the womb to gain appropriate weight because your body is trying to produce important nutrients for your toddler in your breastmilk.  Being underweight isn't always detrimental to your baby's weight, as you saw with your first.  However, it's not just about gaining weight it's about important nutrients that BOTH your babies need.  So your body will have to choose which is getting the nutrients it needs to grow and develop.My sister-in-law was breastfeeding when she got pregnant with her second and quickly weaned her first, at the urging of her doctor.   She was fortunate enough that her older child was nearly a year.I hope that things work out for you and are favorable for both your babies :)  Good Luck!
sweetheart you are so young and have a lot to take on. {{HUGS}} Take care of yourself and make sure you are staying hydrated and full. I hope everything starts working out in a routine and you get everything you need. You are so strong!

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